Sneakers are a hot commodity, and an increasing preference for shopping online is fueling overall growth across this vertical. Industry leaders like Nike and Under Armour announced big gains in online sales last year, a big reason why the global athletic footwear market is projected to balloon to $220 billion by 2020. But this rapid growth presents new challenges to sneaker retailers, among them preventing Card Not Present (CNP) fraud.

When it comes to coping with the high rate of CNP fraud in sneakers, there’s no substitute for experience. Riskified provides fraud management services to several sneaker retailers, including Fortune 500 companies, and is familiar with the intricacies of safe and fraudulent online shopping patterns within the industry. We analyzed our data to compile a report for sneaker retailers, providing insights and best practices for detecting fraud while maximizing online revenue. In this post, I share some of the findings that appear in the full report.

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