“I would say Riskified changed our lives.”
Eileen Shulock, VP eCommerce at Kirna Zabête
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Direct video surveillance of shoppers has long been the holy grail of fraud prevention, and today–after years in development–Riskified is thrilled to unveil the latest advent in fraud-prevention technology: ‘Cameo’. Cameo is a proprietary fraud detection technique powered by behavioral analysis of online shoppers, which can automatically determine the legitimacy of an order with extreme accuracy.

Early trials of Cameo have yielded exciting results, and we expect this surveillance data will allow us to dramatically improve our merchants’ approval rates while nearly eliminating CNP fraud.

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Managing the data associated with eCommerce fraud prevention poses a unique set of challenges for enterprise retailers. Riskified is pleased to offer a Master Account integration, providing holding companies with a single platform to manage fraud operations across multiple brands. Below, I explain how Riskified allows every brand within a group to maintain control and visibility into fraud operations, while saving on IT resources.

Multiple Brands, One Integration

Riskified’s Master Account allows multi-brand holding companies to perform a single integration with Riskified, and then have their brands use that integration to submit orders for fraud review. An enterprise retailer responsible for five different brands, for example, would only need to integrate its systems with Riskified once, instead of carrying out an individual integration for every one of its brands.

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Riskified builds cutting edge technology and employs the world’s best fraud team so eCommerce merchants will be able to stay focused on growing their business. However, while we assume liability for every order we review and approve, it’s very important for us to provide merchants with full visibility into our performance. Today, Riskified is happy to announce an update to the data export feature that will greatly increase the transparency of the fraud review process for merchants.

Riskified customers can now export order level data for any given timeframe directly from the in-app dashboard. The exported CSV file will include key data points for every order, such as when the order was submitted for review, the review turnaround time, the reason an order was declined, and more. Our goal is to provide every merchants will all of the information necessary to analyze and assess Riskified’s fraud review performance. 

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Whether you are interested in checking the status of an order, submitting a chargeback for reimbursement or cancelling an approved order when you’ve run out of stock, the ability to find orders within the Riskified webapp is important for both fraud team members and executives.

Riskified is happy to announce that we have implemented a new and enhanced search feature to help you find orders within your Riskified account quickly and easily.

Using the new and improved search, you can find an order by searching for:

  • The order ID number
  • The first or last name of the customer who placed the order
  • The email address used in the order
  • You can also run a search query for part of the customer name, email address or order ID number
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As a risk management service that specializes in fraud prevention and data analysis, we understand the power of reporting tools and performance tracking. Our customers value information that helps analyze exactly what is going on in their sales pipeline – order review included. That is why we continue enhancing the features and analytics presented via the Riskified dashboard.

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We’re excited to officially launch our ‘Beat’em’ feature today. The feature, which analyzes online shoppers’ heart rate to identify fraud, was piloted for the past year with select beta merchants with outstanding results, and is now available to all eCommerce merchants.

‘Beat’em’ utilizes the same knowledge on which polygraphs are based, to identify excited or nervous behavior. A baseline heart rate is established within the shopper’s first few clicks or swipes on the site. This baseline is then compared to the customer’s heart rate at the checkout stage – when fraudsters use stolen credit card information to complete the transaction.  Thanks to ‘Beat’em’, the Riskified shopfront beacon, a snippet of code embedded in every page of a merchant’s website, can now track not only browsing behavior within the site, but also the visitor’s typing speed & heartbeat.

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We understand how vital customer experience is to the success of eCommerce businesses, which is why our service is designed to be streamlined and frictionless.  By instantly reviewing orders for fraud and providing clear ‘approve’ or ‘decline’ decisions, Riskified helps merchants keep customers happy and avoid shipping delays.

Order review time, meaning how much time passes between the moment an order is submitted to us for review and the moment we provide our decision, is an important KPI at Riskified. We’re now sharing this information with you, our customers, via the Riskified dashboard.

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Riskified’s entire business model is based on aligning interests with our merchants, which is why we charge only for orders we approve and work hard to make sure the process of getting a refund from Riskified is hassle-free. Our ‘no touch refund’ feature simplifies the process of receiving a refund on Riskified’s approval fee for orders that didn’t ship.

After successfully piloting this feature with several merchants over the past 3 months, we’re excited to roll it out to all of our customers.

What does this mean for you?
You no longer need to email our support team to receive a refund for the approval fee.

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We’re excited to introduce our Chargeback Uploader tool that simplifies the process of getting reimbursed for chargebacks.

Chargeback Uploader Tool

With the Chargeback Uploader tool, you can receive reimbursement for fraud-related chargebacks by following three simple steps:

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We are pleased to announce that based on your feedback, we have made improvements to our web application. The new design – which we will be rolling out today – will enable you to get better insights about each individual order, including a better display of mismatches and individual decline reasons.

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