“I would say Riskified changed our lives.”
Eileen Shulock, VP eCommerce at Kirna Zabête
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Businesses are often under the impression that moving operations online will be a cheap and easy way to increase profit margins. There are of course many benefits to selling online, however there are also huge costs involved in running an eCommerce store. A recent study suggests that between order management, SEO, and other expenses invisible to the shopper, margins are often even thinner online than they are in-store. And the truth is, this study likely overestimates eCommerce merchant’s margins because it doesn’t account for losses incurred due to CNP fraud.

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Customers usually ask how our solution is different from the competitors’. When I talk about TCP/IP stack, SOCKS(4/5) proxy detection and verification principles it’s hard to make the sale. Apparently everyone has the best technology and hearing me talk about the internet protocol suite is as much fun as a root canal.

This forced me to better articulate why Riskified is different.

We’re different because of our unique pricing structure:

  • A merchant receives a transaction and decides to decline it due to risk related reasons
  • Instead of declining the transaction he goes ahead and submits it to Riskified
  • We review the transaction and make a final decision
  • We charge a fee only if we were able to approve the transaction
  • Transactions we decide to approve are guaranteed by us in the event of fraud
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