“I would say Riskified changed our lives.”
Eileen Shulock, VP eCommerce at Kirna Zabête
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We’re excited to officially launch our Shop Protection service today. With Shop Protection, Riskified takes over the entire risk management flow for merchants. We have been piloting this service for the past year with over two hundred merchants with outstanding results.

Check out our case studies for more details on how we have helped our merchants grow their business while avoiding the cost of chargebacks.

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Customers usually ask how our solution is different from the competitors’. When I talk about TCP/IP stack, SOCKS(4/5) proxy detection and verification principles it’s hard to make the sale. Apparently everyone has the best technology and hearing me talk about the internet protocol suite is as much fun as a root canal.

This forced me to better articulate why Riskified is different.

We’re different because of our unique pricing structure:

  • A merchant receives a transaction and decides to decline it due to risk related reasons
  • Instead of declining the transaction he goes ahead and submits it to Riskified
  • We review the transaction and make a final decision
  • We charge a fee only if we were able to approve the transaction
  • Transactions we decide to approve are guaranteed by us in the event of fraud
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