The importance of avoiding shipping delays to keep customers happy is something eCommerce merchants understand well. One factor that drives delays is that orders can get ״stuck״ in the manual fraud review queue, awaiting approval.  To avoid a backlog in the queue, merchants usually either hire additional analysts to join the manual review team or invest in improving the automated decisioning process so that less orders are routed to manual review.

In the 2014 Merchant Risk Council Fraud Survey, online merchants reported an average manual review time of 15 minutes per order, not at all bad. Unfortunately, we still see cases of merchants who don’t suffer from lack of resources but leave orders “sitting” in the queue for hours and even days. Orders are delayed not because the merchant cannot handle the load, but because of order review policies. The risk management team is instructed to reach out to customers for additional information in case of certain problematic characteristics, such as missing AVS information or a mismatch between the BIN country and shipping country. The orders are put “on hold” while the risk management team waits to hear back from the customer who placed the order.

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