“I would say Riskified changed our lives.”
Eileen Shulock, VP eCommerce at Kirna Zabête
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For better and worse, we humans are not driven strictly by logic and self-serving interests. While decisions based on empathy, social norms and love allow us to have a functioning society, they often fail us when it comes to managing a business. In business, it’s important that we try to overcome psychological biases and instead strive to make the best decisions based on data and facts.

The work of behavioral economists is devoted, among other things, to identifying and explaining the psychological biases that lead us to make suboptimal decisions. In this post, I’ll introduce a couple of well known behavioral economics terms and will illustrate their application in the field of eCommerce fraud management.

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Despite being critical to the profitability and success of eCommerce companies, online risk management and fraud prevention is often assigned as a secondary task to the payments or customer service teams. In fact, many businesses are reluctant to hire a designated risk management professional or team and will only do so after being hit with a significant fraud attack.
In this post, we’ll outline the problems this pervasive mentality creates, and explain why adopting a different approach to risk management is financially worthwhile to your organization.

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