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The holidays are only a few weeks away, and fraud teams are gearing up for yet another record-breaking season; sales forecasts call for a 10% to 16.6% volume increase over last year. To help fraud teams prepare for the order surge, we took a close look at last year’s holiday shopping and fraud patterns. Here’s what we found.

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The stress of the holiday season is intense, and all the more so for eCommerce fraud teams. Soaring order volume means there is less time to thoroughly review orders, and teams that hire seasonal help to keep up with the load have to rely on analysts that are less experienced at the tedious task of uncovering Card Not Present (CNP) fraud. Among the influx of orders are many new customers who present a huge opportunity for merchants, but they can also appear threatening–especially if they’re from new and unfamiliar markets. It’s crucial for merchants to be prepared for the fraud patterns that are likely to emerge between Black Friday and New Years.

Riskified helps hundreds of eCommerce merchants manage their fraud during the busy holiday season. We’ve drawn on our experience to present some tips on analyzing and organizing your data, so that your fraud team is situated to optimally handle the surge in orders, drive revenue, minimize false-positive declines, and maintain a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

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Ecommerce dominated the holiday shopping season this year, with steady year-over-year growth in both desktop and mobile sales. Cross-border eCommerce also increased in this holiday season, as consumers around the world took advantage of discounts and promotions on Single’s Day, Black Friday, Boxing Day, and Cyber Monday. But while there are a multitude of available stats about the volume of online sales, there is very little information about the rate of fraud during the 2015 holiday season.

In this post, we share Riskified’s observations about card not present (CNP) fraud during the 2015 holiday season. We explain how eCommerce merchants can learn from their holiday season challenges and mistakes, and share best practices for improving fraud management performance going forward.

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November is time to kick-off the holiday shopping season – with online sales volume expected to soar thanks to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We put together a short fraud management checklist for merchants with five steps to help ensure fraud operations don’t get in the way of a great shopping experience for your customers and significant revenue for your business:



Define your holiday season goals and KPIs

During the holidays, many more good customers are looking to take advantage of the steep discounts and complete their gift shopping. Our data from last holiday season shows that despite the dramatic spike in the amount of incoming orders, online merchants did not experience an increase in fraud rates relatively to the overall sales volume. So one of the main challenges for fraud prevention and management teams is to avoid chargebacks while making sure you don’t reject good customers or negatively impact sales revenue.

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The holidays are an intense season for anyone in e-commerce, but those in charge of reviewing incoming orders for fraud really have their work cut out. Not only is there a dramatic increase in the overall orders, but Riskified’s data from previous holiday seasons shows that fraud on entry increases significantly as well.  Whether this increase in fraud is driven by fraudsters taking advantage of dramatically increased sales or by consumers committing “friendly fraud” due to stringent returns policies, handling these orders correctly is a challenge.

A properly prepped fraud team, armed with the right tools, can help merchants recapture revenue from transactions they might ordinarily decline.

Following are four steps merchants can take to ensure optimal performance during the holidays:


1. Prepare your team for the spike in order volume

The biggest challenge risk management teams face during the holidays is the sudden, dramatic spike of incoming orders. It is imperative that orders be processed expeditiously, otherwise the back-log could have customers waiting several days for order confirmation.

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One of the biggest challenges of managing an operational team is staying one step ahead – spikes in inbound order volume happen throughout the year, and whether the result of the holiday season, promotional sale, or a successful marketing campaign, being proactive is paramount to ensure customer satisfaction and maximize sales conversion.

During these waves, many operational services provide flexible, on-demand solutions that can be activated for a specific period of time, without any disruption to the regular order flow. For example, UPS can provide scaled shipping solutions, and inventory operations, like manufacturing and storage, can adjust their volume and capacity as needed. If you host your shop on an ecommerce platform like Shopify or Magento, for instance, the platforms will automatically launch servers if the site is overloaded with traffic.

An often-overlooked part of an online business that can also benefit from a scalable on-demand solution is risk management and order review. When you suddenly receive an influx of orders, it can be beneficial to have a trustworthy service you can rely on to support the additional load. Once you integrate with such a service, you can begin automatically submitting orders for review, relieving pressure, and giving you peace of mind during high-volume periods.

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