Whether you are interested in checking the status of an order, submitting a chargeback for reimbursement or cancelling an approved order when you’ve run out of stock, the ability to find orders within the Riskified webapp is important for both fraud team members and executives.

Riskified is happy to announce that we have implemented a new and enhanced search feature to help you find orders within your Riskified account quickly and easily.

Using the new and improved search, you can find an order by searching for:

  • The order ID number
  • The first or last name of the customer who placed the order
  • The email address used in the order
  • You can also run a search query for part of the customer name, email address or order ID number

Let’s take an order for example – the order ID number is #1234, and it was placed by Mary Smith using the email address m.brown@example.com. You may use any of the following queries (and many more) to find this order within your Riskified account:

  • “123”
  • “Mary s”
  • “M.brown”
  • “example.com”

As you may expect, queries on very general terms may lead to many search results. Choosing unique keywords or terms will allow you to quickly “zoom in” on the specific order.

I encourage you to log in and check out the new search capabilities.

We’re always looking to make Riskified more useful for you — do let us know if you have any ideas or feedback.