Riskified recently hosted another meetup in NYC, at the famed Jue Lan Club in the heart of the city’s Flatiron district. The event, themed “Think Globally, Sell Locally”, took place February 22nd, and featured an expert panel of eCommerce professionals sharing the strategies and tactics they’re using to drive international growth in their organizations.

The panel addressed the challenges that accompany international eCommerce growth and expansion, and how to overcome them – the best regions for new expansion, and tips for businesses considering global expansion. The meetup was attended by over 100 retailers from the fashion, technology, consumer electronics, and payments industries. Merchant attendees included Alice & Olivia, UntuckIt, Flightclub, and others.

The panel discussion was headed by Felipe Araujo, senior director of eCommerce at Diane von Furstenberg; Jeremy Horowitz, eCommerce manager at Lumee; Rob Keve, CEO at Flow.io; and Nadav Lobel, head of account management at Riskified.

Among the many asked questions posed to our panelists, one seemed to garner the most attention from the audience: What has been the greatest challenge you’ve faced growing internationally and how did you overcome it? Felipe Araujo, senior director of eCommerce at Diane von Furstenberg, drove the meetup theme home, telling the crowd: “International success is about ensuring you provide a local experience. For each region you do business in – it should be frictionless. That a credit card won’t be declined because it’s going through a proxy, for example.”  Rob Keve echoed Araujo’s sentiment, adding, “often times brands that are seeing six percent domestic conversion rates will only have a fraction of that internationally due to not localizing the experience. Thus a huge revenue opportunity is available to the brands who offer a shopping experience to their international customers that is similar to the one experienced by their domestic customers.”

The night ended much in the same way it began, with guests gathering to share stories over drinks.