Riskified builds cutting edge technology and employs the world’s best fraud team so eCommerce merchants will be able to stay focused on growing their business. However, while we assume liability for every order we review and approve, it’s very important for us to provide merchants with full visibility into our performance. Today, Riskified is happy to announce an update to the data export feature that will greatly increase the transparency of the fraud review process for merchants.

Riskified customers can now export order level data for any given timeframe directly from the in-app dashboard. The exported CSV file will include key data points for every order, such as when the order was submitted for review, the review turnaround time, the reason an order was declined, and more. Our goal is to provide every merchants will all of the information necessary to analyze and assess Riskified’s fraud review performance. 


Better Data. More Insights.

This more robust reporting capability allows retailers partnering with Riskified to closely monitor fraud review performance and cross-reference it against internal benchmarks. Any merchant interested to gain insight into decline patterns,  validate Riskified’s ROI, or identify correlations between order characteristics and review times will now be able to easily download the data in a format that is conducive to analysis.  

We strive to provide merchants with the most comprehensive, effective, and transparent fraud prevention solution possible. If you have any feedback about the new data export feature, or want to suggest an idea for how we can improve Riskified’s dashboard further to meet you needs, contact us at info@riskified.com.