We’re excited to officially launch our Shop Protection service today. With Shop Protection, Riskified takes over the entire risk management flow for merchants. We have been piloting this service for the past year with over two hundred merchants with outstanding results.

Check out our case studies for more details on how we have helped our merchants grow their business while avoiding the cost of chargebacks.

At Riskified, we are firm believers in the full stack approach. We build our own core detection technology, data enrichment service, feature-engineered machine learning models and tagging. Every new insight, pattern and fraud MO we identify is fed right back into our systems, resulting in continuous progress. Controlling the entire flow has allowed us to achieve exceptional results, which we constantly work on improving. Since the financial advantages inherent in the full-stack model cannot be ignored, building and managing in-house fraud teams will become obsolete as merchants move to more efficient solutions.

So, why are we so proud of Shop Protection and believe it’s the best solution for online merchants today? 3 main reasons to start:

  1. Merchants never have to pay for chargebacks – Riskified guarantees every order we approve.
  2. Merchants increase order acceptance rate – we can approve over 70% of orders merchants typically decline.
  3. Merchants never perform manual review and enjoy instant order decisions – avoiding order fulfilment delays and bad customer experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about Shop Protection and our success with online merchants, check out our website.