We are pleased to announce that based on your feedback, we have made improvements to our web application. The new design – which we will be rolling out today – will enable you to get better insights about each individual order, including a better display of mismatches and individual decline reasons.

Once you login and go to one of your order status icons, you’ll notice that clicking on one of the icons in the risk tool column will display the ordersubmit button as well as detailed information about each order, including:

1. Improved display of geographic data mismatches including credit card country of issue, IP address, billing and shipping addresses. Advanced risk analysis (analysis using Riskified’s own risk assessment technology such as proxy detection, device fingerprinting and others) will only be performed once an order is submitted.


image    image

2. The submission plan for each order.


3. The decline reason for each declined order.


We hope that with this additional information at your fingertips, you’ll get a better understanding of how we work and how we reach a particular decision. For those on the ‘Select & Submit’ plan, the new order data will help you decide which orders to submit for review.

We’ve also upgraded the dashboard so that it now displays the data in real-time. Finally, the new version also enables you to see the number of orders that are currently being reviewed.

We love to hear from our customers, so if you have any feedback about your experience with our web application or have questions we can answer, let us know.