Managing the data associated with eCommerce fraud prevention poses a unique set of challenges for enterprise retailers. Riskified is pleased to offer a Master Account integration, providing holding companies with a single platform to manage fraud operations across multiple brands. Below, I explain how Riskified allows every brand within a group to maintain control and visibility into fraud operations, while saving on IT resources.

Multiple Brands, One Integration

Riskified’s Master Account allows multi-brand holding companies to perform a single integration with Riskified, and then have their brands use that integration to submit orders for fraud review. An enterprise retailer responsible for five different brands, for example, would only need to integrate its systems with Riskified once, instead of carrying out an individual integration for every one of its brands.

Eliminating the need for multiple integration processes saves valuable IT and development resources, freeing these professionals to focus on other projects more closely related to the brand’s core business. Moreover, a single integration ensures that the holding company or retailer has a unified point of contact with Riskified.


Master Account Features

Riskified’s Master Account holds three significant benefits for multi-brand retailers::

  • Brand-specific risk models

    One of the biggest problems multi-brand enterprises face when it comes to managing online fraud is that fraud patterns differ from one brand to the next, rendering a monolithic fraud prevention strategy ineffective. The Master Account allows for different, tailored risk models to be implemented for every individual brand.

  • Brand-level control

    Since every brand faces unique fraud-related challenges and has specific business goals, every brand’s fraud manager can work with Riskified to ensure all fraud prevention and business-related needs are taken into account.

  • Siloed reporting

    The Master Account reporting features are designed to ensure that every tier within the organization has access to the appropriate data. Management at the enterprise level is given full access to the performance of every brand held by the company, while managers at each individual brand only see data that pertains to them.


The Master Account is part of Riskified’s ongoing efforts to make sure fraud prevention is as effective and effortless as possible for enterprise retailers. If you are interested in learning more about the Master Account integration or if you have any other questions, shoot us an email at