We usually think of online fraudsters as liars – that the success of their operation depends on how convincingly they can pose as the legitimate card holder. But CNP fraudsters’ hands are forced when it comes to revealing their location, and ultimately they have to give their real shipping address when purchasing tangible goods, or else they won’t receive them.

Riskified has processed millions of orders across online verticals, from which we’ve drawn enormous insight into the ways fraudsters use nontraditional shipping methods to obscure their physical location in order to receive stolen goods. We have drawn on this experience to compile an eBook detailing these classic tricks, as well as tips for distinguishing fraudulent orders apart from safe – even if unusual looking – ones.

Inside we provide:

  • In-depth tips to help identify when shoppers are using reshipping or rerouting services.
  • Statistics that reveal the true risk of ‘buy online, pickup in-store’ orders.
  • Common use cases for unorthodox, albeit legitimate shipping patterns, to help retailers reduce false declines and boost approval rates.
  • ‘Red flags’ to consider when scrutinizing orders that involve rerouting or a reshipper, to help retailers reduce their chargeback rate.
  • Guidelines for ensuring that fraud prevention measures don’t compromise your legitimate customers’ shopping experience.

For actionable tips and research, download a complimentary copy of our  eBook.